Rally Committee Resources

This page includes resources that will help you in planning your rally.  South Region Rallies are run by Rally Committees made up of volunteers from South Region Clubs and Centers.  If you have any questions about the information included here or have additional resources you think we should add, please contact one of the South Region Officers.


All income and expenses for the rally will be run through the South Region account and the South Region will create the online registration site to accept rally payments. 

  • Create a budget on the South Region Rally Budget Form
  • Include registration costs
  • Include 2.5% credit card processing expense in the expense section and $3 transaction fee in the income section to help offset the credit card processing fees
  • Submit it to South Region Treasurer for review at least 1 week prior to registration opening


  • All registrations will be done through South Region Rally Registration website and the payments will go directly to the South Region Account
  • The South Region Treasurer will send out updates on registrations when requested and a final report once registration ends.
  • The South Region Treasurer will provide a final report on registrations, the payments received and the credit card processing fees charges


You have 3 options for paying for rally expenses:

  1. Request the South Region Treasurer pay the expense directly (mail check or pay online with credit card)
  2. Pay for the expense personally, complete a South Region Reimbursement Form along with a receipt and/or proof of payment and South Region Treasurer will reimburse you at the rally
  3. Have your club/center pay for the expense and complete a South Region Reimbursement Form with a receipt and/or proof of payment and South Region Treasurer will reimburse your club/center at the rally

Important Note:  Only the South Region can write checks to instructors/officials.  We cannot reimburse for these expenses

You will need to input one of these 3 options beside every expense line item on the budget.  It will ask for who paid for it (South Region, Individual, Club/Center), Payment Method (check or credit card - never cash) and was a reimbursement form turned into South Region Treasurer (for expenses paid by individual or Club/Center)

Since the South Region is a 501c(3), we can often have sales taxes excluded on expenses we pay.  Click HERE for a link to our non-profit letter that you can provide to a vendor to request they not charge us sales taxes.  This includes hotels, facilities, etc.

Be sure to let the Treasurer know how much cash you need to provide funding for official's meals prior to the rally.

Final Finance Report

You should make every effort to conclude all rally finances by the end of the rally.  Send the South Region Treasurer a list of all checks to be written at rally - officials to be paid and expenses to be reimbursed.  Any income collected at the rally should be added to the budget in the Onsite Income section and the money collected should be given to the Treasurer at the rally.  Settling post rally becomes very difficult and reimbursements may be delayed.

  • Update your original budget with the actual income received and expenses incurred
  • Submit your final finance report to the Treasurer within 2 weeks of rally end date
  • Once received, reviewed and approved, the Treasurer will mail a check for any profit earned plus any fundraiser money earned to the Payee identified at the bottom of the Budget report


  • The South Region Youth Board is in charge of selling Rally T-shirts as a fundraiser to help support the Youth Board and cover the expenses for the South Region Trailer
  • You can sell food or other items as a fundraiser at your rally.  You will just need to identify you are doing this on the budget report in the income and expense sections so we can properly track any fundraiser profits earned.
  • The income and expenses of fundraiser items are to be included on the report but will be netted out of the final number and the Treasurer will issue the funds to whomever is owed.

Registration Process

Please complete the Rally Registration Setup Form to inform the region about registration dates, costs to be charged, questions to be asked so that the region may begin the rally registration setup process.  One tab shows you the questions that will be asked during the DC/CA team sign up form and the other shows you the questions that will be asked during the Parent registration process.  Please review these questions to make sure it provides you all of the information you need.  Once this form is completed, email it to the VRS of Activities and SR Treasurer.

Additional Documents Needed

Please make sure to collect the following information as part of your registration process.  These are typically emailed to the Rally Secretary for tracking:

  • Chaperone Form - for each team.  Teams should not be able to sign-in until their Chaperone has signed the Chaperone Form.
  • Coggins - verify will be current on date of event and matches mount's name on registration form
  • Coaches Form - for any coaches at rally.  May be collected day of event.

Attendee Check In Process

You will be sent a final report once registration closes of all attendees, what they paid for and any information they provided.  You will need to prepare the following reports for your check-in process from this information:

  • Attendee Check-In (registration website allows for this to be a specific report and they also have an app you can download to your phone)
  • Coggins not received (best practice to have printed copies of all of the ones you did receive at the event in case the facility requests a copy)
  • Chaperone Forms needed
  • Coach Forms needed
  • Stall Assignments
  • Pre-Purchased Food
  • Pre-Purchased T-shirts

Onsite Purchases

You will be provided a log to track all onsite purchases by the SR Treasurer as well as a money bag to put all money received in.  The Rally Treasurer should be in charge of this process (or someone they assign if they are not attending rally) and the log and money bag should be reconciled before turning into the Treasurer.  You will need to add any on-site sales to your Final Financial Report.  All fundraiser money should be included for consistency and the profit at the end (online sales and on-site sales less expenses) will be sent once Final Financial Report is approved.  Your money bag will also include petty cash which will be identified on your log for tracking so that you can provide change if needed.