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The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., develops character, leadership, confidence and a sense of community in youth through a program that teaches the care of horses and ponies, riding and mounted sports.

The Local Pony Clubs and Riding Centers make up a Region and the Regions across the US all report up to US Pony Club (USPC) National Office.  These Regions are administrative organizations that assist in promoting the policies and purposes of the USPC by overseeing instructional and activities programs, assisting in the formulation of Registered Club policies, conducting regional activities, coordinating all inter-regional and national activities, and performing other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the USPC Board of Governors or Vice President of Regional Administration. The South Region represents all of the US Pony Clubs in Georgia and majority of Alabama with the exclusion of Hunstville and Mobile areas.   

About Pony Club

Pony Club is one of the leading junior equestrian organizations in the world, represented throughout 30 countries! The United States has over 600 individual Clubs spread throughout 50 states and the Virgin Islands, with more than 12,000 members.

Pony Club provides opportunities for instruction and competition in English riding, horse sports and horse management for children and young adults up to 21 years of age. The term “pony” reflects the age of the members, rather than the size of the mount. Horses and ponies of many different breeds, shapes, and sizes are seen in Pony Club activities.

It is not necessary for a child to own a horse or pony, but they must have access to one when required. We also recommend that parents have access to reliable trailering so that their child can get the most out of Pony Club opportunities. 

Programs are offered in dressage, eventing, show jumping, mounted games, tetrathlon, quiz, vaulting, foxhunting, and polocrosse. Regional clinics and competitive rallies are offered in all of these disciplines.

During “unmounted” meetings members learn about feeding, shoeing, veterinary care, and other areas of horse management. Under adult supervision, the more experienced Pony Club members instruct and assist younger members.

Pony Club is not a replacement for private riding lessons. We do have different instructors (sometimes older Pony Clubbers) come in at various times during the year, but this is to hone skills that have been learned and practiced outside of Pony Club. 

Pony Club members are encouraged to work their way through the nine stages of the progressive Standards of Proficiency, which test knowledge and riding ability. Pony Club members who attain the B, H-A, and A rating levels meet standards of competence that are recognized throughout the horse world

Visit the Pony Club website to learn more about the Pony Club educational program, national events, activities and opportunities for members.